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Edgeware builds, manages and funds decentralised communities of technical and artistic thinkers, empowering them to create the next generation of products and applications. As their platform scaled, they required a new visual identity that would capture the collective spirit of its members.

What's the story?
Created as a scalable and cooperatively owned smart contract platform, Edgeware utilises the power of blockchain to discover new economies and systems that are more inclusive and equitable. Built upon fair and democratic foundations and funded by a large public treasury, Edgeware is fully governed by its users — allowing equal opportunities, voting power and autonomy across the globe.

We identified and positioned Edgeware as the platform that enables digital artists, designers and developers to build the future upon. This informed our creation of a flexible and dynamic visual identity that embodies Edgeware’s collective spirit and sharing of knowledge and expertise.

At the core of the identity is a distinctive three-dimensional symbol designed to represent the strength of the network when all constituent parts converge. These structural blocks can be separated and used individually, further reinforcing the creative freedom and autonomy that the platform offers. As Edgeware also has its own native token (EDG), it was vital to ensure that the symbol was unique and unmistakable alongside other cryptocurrencies and networks. The design system extends into patterns, 3D visualisations and fluid gradient textures that depict the ever-evolving Edgeware ecosystem.

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