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Serving the San Diego metropolitan area, Hampton Brown is a real estate agency that makes the process of home buying a whole lot brighter. We developed a brand strategy and visual identity that truly reflected the agency’s approach and personality.

What's the story?
In what can be an often daunting and stressful process to buy a home, Hampton Brown takes on the burden with energy and optimism, helping clients find their own piece of paradise. Founded by a British expat who fell in love with the area and never left, the idea of finding your own corner of the world to call home formed the basis of the brand strategy.

When it comes to San Diego, the hallmarks of an archetypal paradise are abundant — the sunshine, the beaches and the palm trees. Inspired by this notion, we developed the brand narrative ‘Find Your Paradise’ which provided the perfect foundation to build the visual identity around.

We created a strong and recognisable logo for the brand that reinforces the journey to find your dream Californian home, complemented by an elegant typeface which exudes style and quality. The colour palette, heavily influenced by the beautiful sunsets and sandy beaches in the area, provides much needed warmth in an industry where cold and overly sales-oriented approaches are the norm.

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